About Us

At décolletage we strive to offer women undergoing cancer treatment a comfortable and affirming shopping experience for essential garments related to breast cancer care & recovery.  Our staff is knowledgeable about insurance coverage for Medicare and private medical insurance.  We are prepared to help guide women to shop for prostheses and garments that meet insurance requirements. Cheryl Schlote, our Certified Mastectomy Fitter, helps clients to choose and fit mastectomy prostheses, bras and garments for comfort during treatment and post-surgery.

For family and friends of women undergoing breast cancer treatment we carry a range of gifts and cards you can purchase to show your support, remind someone they’re beautiful, or brighten a rough day.

How We Work

We’re here to make it easy & comfortable

Our boutique environment is designed to offer the best shopping experience possible.  Behind the scenes we are fully qualified to handle all the medical/insurance details as if you had an appointment with your doctor.

We like to meet with our clients one on one to do an initial fitting for prostheses or lingerie. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitter will help you choose the style, size, and profile necessary to re-create the body shape you’re looking for. She will also guide you in your selection of garments to identify costs and insurance coverage.