Custom Size Bra Fittings

Finding the right size bra

Our Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Cheryl, is trained on helping women of all shapes and sizes to find the right size and shape of bra for their lifestyle and breast size. Her experience and training with mastectomy fitting give her the background to help women with non-surgical issues choose a bra with the right band size and cup size for fit. If you have concerns with asymmetrical breasts, Cheryl can help choose the right garment to improve symmetry.

What to expect at your décolletage custom bra fitting

We believe that every woman visiting our boutique should expect complete privacy during her fitting, caring and compassionate staff to assist her, and confidence that she will be properly fit for a bra that matches her activity level. When any client leaves our boutique, our goal is that she will be wearing a comfortable, supportive bra that fits as if it were made for her alone.

We’ll start out by getting a general idea of what issues you’re having when shopping for bras and ask you about any discomfort you’ve experienced with the bras you’re currently wearing, concerns you have about fit, and learn more about your activity level.

We can also do a walk through of the shop to look at bras that appeal to you and discuss pricing levels so there are no surprises once we get into the fitting room.

Inside the fitting room we’ll take measurements of your torso and breast size to get a starting point for bra fitting. Then we can choose bras to try on from several different styles – soft cup, underwire, fiberfill, molded seamless, leisure, front closure, sports, or camisole. (All of the bras that we carry in the shop can be worn by non-mastectomy clients.)

You can stop by the boutique to speak with our fitter about bra sizes, or contact us to schedule a fitting or request a fitting appointment online.