Plus Size Bras

Finding a Plus Size/Larger Size Bra

décolletage offers fittings for plus size bras and larger cup size bras that women have difficulty finding in department stores.  Our fitter will help you choose the right size bra for your frame and cup size.  All of the bras that we carry can be worn by non-mastectomy patients and we carry a large range of sizes.


Getting a proper bra fit

Our goal is to be able to fit a wide variety of women including women with small frames and large breasts and large frames with small breasts.

Wearing a badly fitted bra affects your appearance and can have negative health effects.   Bras that don’t fit well, either in the cup size or band size, can cause headaches and neck pain. Ill fitting bras can also cause chafing from the straps, band, or underwires on sensitive skin areas.

Many women wear plus size bras with a band size that is too large and a cup size that is too small.  When that’s the case the breasts are supported by the shoulder straps, which causes pressure on the shoulders.  A well-fitted bra will support the breasts from underneath rather than from the shoulder straps meaning there is virtually no pressure on the shoulders.  As breast size gets larger, plus size bras offer wider straps that assist in supporting the breasts but reduce the pressure on shoulders.

How do you know your plus size bra doesn’t fit well?

Signs that you have a mismatched cup and band size include a bra that rides up in the back – your bra band should be horizontal.  If the band rides up you may need a smaller band size, and a larger cup size. (If you change cup size or band size, you will usually need to adjust the other measurement.  I.e. – change from 36C to a 34D in this scenario. A decrease in band size means an increase in cup size.)

If the band of your bra feels loose, or you can pull it more than a couple of inches away from your body in the back, you should try a smaller band size (and adjust your cup size up by one.)  If the band digs into your back or your sides, it’s too small and you should try a larger size.  You may need to adjust your cup size down one size.

Your cup size is probably too big if the cups wrinkle or pucker.

If your breasts spill out the sides, top, or bottom of your bra you need a larger cup size.  If you lift your arms over your head and the bra rides up and breast tissue spills out the bottom, you need a larger cup size.

If the straps of your bra dig into your shoulders, you probably need a larger cup size to provide adequate support.  Remember that the straps shouldn’t be your main form of support.  If the underwire digs into your breast tissue on the bottom of the cup or sides or there is a gap between the underwire and your chest, the cup size is too small.

If this all seems too confusing to work out on your own, don’t feel bad.  Up to 80% of American women wear the wrong size bra.  Come to our boutique and we will help fit you for a large size bra that fits and looks great under your clothes.