Who We Serve

décolletage serves a variety of women who need custom bras, mastectomy bras, external breast prostheses and cancer treatment apparel.

Many of our clients are being treated for breast cancer.

We offer fitting services for bras and external prostheses for clients who have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or who are undergoing reconstructive surgery.

We also carry products for women who are going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment of any kind. We have head scarves, turbans, wraps and caps for those who have experienced hair loss during treatment. Our comfort clothing lines and personal care products are created to pamper sensitive skin during treatment and offer protection from UV rays.

We serve women who can’t find bras that fit in department stores.

Our extensive stock of sizes allows us to help women of all shapes and sizes find the right size of bra. It can be hard to find bras for larger sizes but smaller breasts, and equally hard to find large cup sizes for a comfortable fit.